Wednesday, June 24, 2009

While I have time

We arrived in Romansfontein at 14.30 and it gave us a chance to recover and do bike admin. I feel much more human.
Stefanie and her daughters are incredible hosts and have fed us to the hilt.
We managed to get all our washing done to get rid of the wood smoke from last night.
So we are sitting in borrowed clothes and drinking copious cups of tea.
We are reunited with Pierre, Louis, Mark and Carl. Carl is an absolute machine. The length of rides he is putting together are amazing despite broken shoes, stripped gears.
He was really worried for us yesterday although he has only met us once.
So hopefully a good nights sleep will hit my cold a bit and who knows what tomorrow will bring. It is what it is.
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  1. enjoy the night in the warm bed, you deserve it! the weather man promises better weather for next week, let's see if he can keep a promise.

    please don't forget to take pictures of this epic adventure, to supplement the stories that i'm sure i'll hear once you're safely back.

  2. fi - in an earlier post you calculated 1,680 000 million pedal strokes .... keep counting ... and keep blogging please, am thinking about you guys lots and refreshing each of your blogs a few times per day.

  3. Hi Doug & Fi

    You are certainely most courageous and I hope this epic journey will be one of your most memorable.... come snow, rain, wind or whatever...keep on pedaling.......Wim & Mari