Monday, June 29, 2009

I didn't want to talk about today

It was one of those days where things seem to go pear shaped. Sean broke his second hangar and after stopping to help, we carried on but quite easy.
But my right quad had other ideas. It just wouldn't work and I battled to ride...which is no insignificant problem.
It was also a day when it just felt one day too many. And there is still a long way to go. I felt really tired today and another injury was too much.
I took some anti-inflams and strapped the knee and miraculously I could cycle almost painfree but limped the portages. I reckon we walked about 15km today.
It was also a day that I would love to have ridden fresh. Technical climbs and descents to die for.
But I was focused inward again trying to get myself through the day. I was even deciding who to phone for sympathy.
The magnificent downhill into the Baviaanskloof gave Doug and I a boost and we got a whole lot of momentum for the 11 river crossings. Sightings of kudu also kept us going.
So here we are at Kudu Khaya in Cambria stuffiing ourselves with banana bread and other.
I am feeling chirpier and can face another day.
Well done to Andrew and Tim who have finished already.
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  1. Hi Fiona!
    You are one tough lady! and I follow your blog daily!
    Advise I got once said I must concentrate on one pain [e.g. sore butt] and forget about the others. During the day you alternate what you are concentrating on and soon the day is over and you do not even remember half the pain you had! Hope it helps girl! Keep going!! Joyce

  2. hey there, thank you for the regular updates, keep them coming! right now i'm the most boring person i know, 'cos the only thing i can talk about, is the updates from your blogs! hurry up and finish, so that you can come back so that i can see the pictures.

  3. Hey Fi,

    Phone me for a "pick me up"!!

    You know it works...

  4. Hi Fiona, Hang in there, we all willing you on. Regards to Dough.

  5. hi ms must be in pain of you're not gloating about the osseberg! keep it up, amazing how the body recovers [and guys don't expect any phonecalls from the's one big deadspot!]

    steve rasa08

  6. Tonight I heard a brave voice from Willowmore, a very brave voice.