Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Day of contrasts

First 80km brilliant. Hot and cold patches. The beauty of the Baviaanskloof, feeling strong and knee niggle nowhere to be felt. Left Cambria at 5.45am

On to Dam se Drif for a fab lunch.

Set off for second 80km.

Oh my! The wheels fell off with more than 50km to go.

Thereafter a mental, emotional and physical struggle to the end in Willowmore.

Arrived at 9pm completely shattered.

Another 170km tomorrow...wonder if I'll make it.

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  1. Yes you WILL ABSOLUTELY make it. There were some choccies in the post for you today and my unshakeable belief in you my friend. Food, sleep, food and then one kilometre at a time. xx Aileen

  2. cambria to willowmore is a stinker!

    don't believe Allen's comments about it being easy riding, he is a machine! over 170km it is 5200m of climbing in one day. that's kili!

    i was poked, seeing purple stars on the last 30km into town. i was aiming just for rondawel the next day. Andrew king was also on his rivet, and took an easy day the next.

    the road to prince albert is much nicer...a 160km 'rest day' if you will!

    steve B rasa08

  3. Never say die!! Cmon Fi, we all know that you will make it. Like you said, it is just 1 peddle stroke at a time.

    We are all thinking of you big time and holding thumbs. Keep it up.

  4. You go Girl! You will make it. Take it km x km! Your are physically strong.....now believe in yourself and GO GIRL!!! Joyce