Sunday, June 14, 2009

The end of the beginning

Race briefing is over and we have all headed to bed for an early start. It was good to get here and to settle the nerves.
Aileen's dad fetched us from the airport and drove us to PMB. After checking in and a quick hello to other R2R riders, we headed off for lunch. For some reason we ended up in Hilton at a Polish restaurant with the real deal - handlebar moustache and accent.
A delicious pork, cabbage and mash meal later, we felt a lot better. We even got a thimbleful of Polish "wine" - 40% alcohol!
It didn't help me sleep later unfortunately. The other riders trickled in over the afternoon and we have now all met. There have been lots of war stories from day one already and lots of advice from friends through already. Now it is our turn.

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