Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I have to agree with Gadget

Gadget wrote about the vast chapter of training and preparation that is coming to the end. Now we are about to open a new, shorter and more intense chapter in our mountain biking lives.

His thoughts are here. His blog post reflects much of what I am feeling now. There is a definite change in the mood of the riders as we get more focused on what lies ahead. There is less banter, more serious discussion about logistics and strategy and a whole lot of speculation on how the various contenders will perform.

There is a much closer eye on the weather charts and a last minute check and re-check of the back pack to ensure everything has been thought of. Flurries of last minute advice has been appearing on the website but it somehow fades quickly as you discard what isn't appropriate any more or just too late.

I find that some days I get a helluva lot done and other days I procrastinate on my list. But there aren't too many days left - 5 in fact.

An interesting space to be in right now.

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