Sunday, June 7, 2009

How Many Pedal Strokes?

I have set myself the task of remembering my very first pedal stroke as I leave Pmb. I want to burn into my brain how it felt to start on this momentous journey because, after that one single pedal stroke, will be thousands more.

Which made me wonder. How many pedal strokes will I do between the start and finish. I think I need a calculator or the brain of some maths whiz on this one. But lets see.

If I take an average of 70 pedal strokes a minute (that's one leg only), that will be roughly 4200 pedal strokes an hour. If I ride an average of 10 hours a day, that will be 42 000 strokes per day over 20 days. That equals a HUGE 840 000 pedal strokes on one leg. (Oh yes, my other leg will also contribute its 840 000 cycles.) My cranks will turn over 1,680 000 million times!

My poor legs. And I haven't included all the pushing and carrying.


  1. It's far too early (headache) and scary for such a thought provoking intellectual challenge, especially after all that good cheer around the fireplace last night. Weren't we all supposed to be touring the coffee shops this morning as a taper ride ?

  2. hah - i have started my other bike admin...changing the tyres, spraying sludge all over the lawn and forcing a spare tyre into some smallish shape to fit on my seat post. Coffee shops tomorrow?? And the map board??