Friday, August 20, 2010

A good week

It's the middle of August, hot blustery, dusty conditions and probably the worst month of the year.

But in only a couple of weeks, it will officially be spring and the signs are here already. Greening trees, whiffs of Jasmine and Banksia Rose, and a very definite lightening of the mornings.

My big ride is looming (details for a later post) so I have really needed to get focused and start riding consistently and this week has been great so far with a couple of road rides, a spinning class, a run and still the weekend ahead to get in some more miles.

After all, I have a mountain bike ride of roughly 500km to contemplate and it ain't all flat!

Other good things this week were some more photos from the Hansa Hout Bay Trail Run and finally, the completion of the editing of my Freedom Trail book  - Ride, Walk and Cry.

This has been a much longer project than it should have been. I used Blurb to compile the book. It's amazing software which gives the would be author layouts for text and photos which is simply uploaded to their server. It goes into the production process and about two weeks later - voila! Your book.

I printed a preview copy and it has taken almost 7 months to do all the editing. A flurry here and there but now it is finally done and in the printing works.  An early Christmas present for family and friends (or very late depending on which way you look at it).

Now if only I can keep up the momentum.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Where am I?

Of late, I just seem to keep on travelling. There was the two weeks in St Francis Bay, last week was Cape Town for a few days, this week was Hazyview with a quick jaunt into the Kruger National Park and back there again next week.

Its that weird sensation when you wake up with no idea of where you are which makes you realise enough is enough. All my cycling buddies ever seem to get is the sms saying "Sorry, I'm away....again."  I have to catch my breath.

This weekend is a long one and whilst I hoped to get out of the Big Smoke, its looks like a much better idea to stay at home, do some cycling and running and slow down.

Yes, that's sounding better and better.

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