Monday, June 8, 2009

Tired of waiting

This last week is tough. I am tired of waiting to start and tired of talking. Now I just want to get at it. The irony is that I am sure there will be many times when I wish I was at home not doing anything strenuous.

I have a long list of details to be ticked off. Some are vital and others, well if I don't get to do them, tough. One minor crisis was the train trip to Pietermaritzburg. This would have been a highlight as we would have arrived in time to say goodbye to the group departing in front of us and had a relaxing day at Aintree Lodge.

A small problem, first class doesn't run anymore unless you travel on a Thursday! And third class - I don't think so. I want my comforts till the last minute. So a mad scramble to make an alternative plan. The Monk will take our bikes down for us and Doug and I will fly to Durban. His parents-in-law will drive us to Pmb. Not quite as convenient but hey, its an extra night at home.

The messages of support have been overwhelming and as Miles commented - "You must be stunningly brave or simply stupid." I think it is stunningly stupid actually.

Another highlight was the call from Stu on the Isle of Man for a last minute pumping of advice and support. He did the event last year and has been full of encouragement and suggestions.

So this is why I want to get on with it. Time to take all these positive vibes and channel them into riding across South Africa.

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  1. too good for 3rd class? I'll remember that one!!!

    good luck, if you have time to sit around and wait, then you are overprepared!