Monday, March 7, 2011

Catching Up

We're well into March and there hasn't been a shortage of goings on especially on the cycling front.

The Alchemy Trail is two weeks away and we spent the weekend checking out the BIG day.  What a difference to September last year - green and lush and very overgrown.

But I am getting ahead of myself.

In quick order, these are the events done and lined up for the year.

Alchemy is the big one for the first half and I surprised myself with being very motivated to get fit. I upped my game with at least 11-12 hours a week of spinning/cycling. This included a 90km race in the mielie heartland from Frankfort to Reitz. It poured in the night and we had short squalls of rain come hissing through the tall mielies to drench us. Although flat, it more than made up for difficulty with the soft squelchy mud. The Bielie Mielie festival was a hoot and we indulged in all sorts of local fare.

Around about the same time, @gardengodmother and I entered the Wild Run - a 3 day trail run in September from Kei Mouth to Hole in the Wall.  This required a good hard look at our training or lack of and tendency to injuries.

So its been 6 weeks of intense work at the biokinetiscist, a visit to a running expert for assessment and an exciting structured training schedule. Its really nice to have someone else do the thinking for me.

There was also the obligatory membership of the FFC.  Fat Friends Club or any other version you like. December had been good to many of us, too good so we decided to motivate each other to get rid of the lard.

@GadgetRules finally joined the gym and when not making excuses, pitches for spinning. @Kennaugh has been running and spinning a bit and we'll all made the effort to get out on the weekends.

The weekend's recce up in the heat of the Oliphants River valley is for another post. But what a great riding and characters exist in the area.

Stay tuned.

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