Thursday, June 4, 2009

Patience Please

Ok, so I can do the technical stuff up to a point but then I get blonde. But, this new Blackberry Curve...oh man, I love it.

My old Samsung collapsed at the MTN Panorama Tour at the end of April, and I bought a R199 cheap phone which did all the basics. And I was pretty happy with that because I had never really used all the features on the Samsung.

However, I would need something more sophisticated for the race because I knew I could blog direct from a mobile phone. So my entire decision was based on which phone was best for 3 weeks of my life. I considered the Nokia E71 and E90 but chose the Blackberry (weight was also a consideration).

I am so glad I did. I downloaded Twitterberry - straight tweeting direct to my site. Emails direct to the blog and no doubt, pictures from the phone, direct onto the blog site. And it was really easy to set up.

So this is where you will have to be patient. There will be some odd posts happening over the next couple of days as I refine my technique.

I do admit to writing this post on the laptop as its much easier to write down the thoughts at a keyboard speed than a mini cell keyboard.

So lets see how this technology rocks.

1 comment:

  1. Blackberry rocks - had one for a year now. Going to take something special to move to another phone and no...iPhones are not special.