Thursday, June 18, 2009

Three days later

Ok, first things first. Thank you everyone for the stream of messages. It is really appreciated.

Its been an interesting few days with lots of drama. Our plan was to try and catch up a few half days here and there so we rode an extra 20km to Donnybrook on day 1. This was 10 hour of riding time with a total of 12,5 hour day. Distance was 125km. Doug slashed his tyre which created havoc with our timing losing 45 mins. It was a long slog to Ntshikeni and we were glad to get there early and relax. My knee was really painful. Today was a fantastic ride despite a lot of pain. Nursing the knee meant taking it really easy and doing a lot of pushing. No navigational errors (thanks for the tips Stu) gave us a flawless day. A chat to the race doctor helped enormously - thanks Rudi.
So tomorrow is a shortish day. Big thanks to Mark and Nicky McLeod for going out of their way to help Doug with his tyre and brake issues. More when I can. Please send positive thoughts for the knee.
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  1. Hey Fi,

    Keep up the great work. Been thinking of you guys lots. I would love to seeing the sights you guys are seeing at the moment!!

    Look after that knee! Do you know what is causing the problem? Can you give us an explanation and we can google it? Maybe we can help.

    Sending you lots of energy!

  2. Hey Fiona, following your progress on Twitter and your blog, keep it up, you guys are awesome! You can do it!