Wednesday, February 11, 2009

When does one push the button?

I love having a seriously big goal. My mind wanders over to it frequently and I day dream about how it will all roll out.

Reality is, I have to get on my bike and I am really narfy now. I last rode two weeks ago and am supposed to do a 100km mtb race in Sabie next week. Lets just say, I am concerned. I am running but as luck would have it, my traditional calf injury is back to irritate the hell out of me. I have also joined the programme at to build upper body strength for carrying a larger pack and portaging with the bike over a zillion fences.

So the cross training is happening and so is the reaching out to those who have gone before. Allen got a call from me about his ride last year. His group did it in 20 days and I am hoping to be about the same. Stu, based on the Isle of Man, got an email for info.

And so it will go on. Instead of focusing on the work on my desk, I stick my head into the Forum on the website, imagine snowy conditions in places, get envious of those down at Molteno this weekend, and think about the clothing I can buy from chain reaction cycles.

But at some point, I have to commit to the riding...I just don't know when. Its not one of those "work best under pressure" scenarios, is it.

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