Monday, February 16, 2009

Riding again

Finally, it was back on the bike this weekend. Valentine's Day was a spinning class and not a chocolate in sight! The rest of the day spent reading my favourite fantasy trilogy and then a road ride on Sunday to Vida (no cycle is complete without a Vida coffee). I wonder if they can set one up in Baviaan's Kloof for me?

Its a bizarre thing, but I keep meeting people with an interest in doing the event or have entered and there is this buzz beginning to build. Our coffee stop was no exception with an extended chat to mtbers Russell and Mike about the merits and demerits of committing to such an adventure. C'mon you guys - be there.

So this weekend wasn't big mileage but it was a start. Today is back to narfydom but Wendy has forced a promise out of me to ride this afternoon. I wonder If I will get the "abort" call. Half of me hopes I do.

More treatment on the calf today but I can start running again. I am really in the space of preferring to run at the moment so it will be good to get going but with a little more restraint this time and a slower build-up on the mileage.

But right now, I am standing on the edge of the bottomless pit of expenses. Payment of the race entry is due and the cycle shops are going to be eased out of their credit crunch by my credit card.

Uh, oh!

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