Friday, February 20, 2009

They're Everywhere

The universe is peculiar. Now that I have come out the closet of Ride2Rhodes and have entered the Big One, I keep meeting interesting people who one way or another add value to my decision.

While waiting for my riding partner this week, I met an old friend, Ian M, who is a well respected coach and a very competitive rider bombing along on his mtb on his way to a meeting. In our 5 minute chat, I was reminded again of the fundamentals of any big undertaking - mental preparation and specifically, "the core and flexibility before endurance." My abdominals are quite stiff and sore right now as typically, I launched myself into an orgy of crunches. But he's right. Carrying the extra weight of the pack and the lifting and portaging of the bike is going to require additional strength of all the body parts. The head...well, that's another story.

I started the hundred push ups programme and that's cruising along with the arms and shoulders showing definite improvement already. There is also the two hundred sit ups programme and I did the initial test just to see how many I could do. Not sure if I will be so dedicated on this one but I will keep on training the core.

Yesterday, I met someone who had ridden from Rhodes to Perdeberg in January (I think that's what he said before a million Jack Daniels kicked in - for him, not me!). I'm going to have follow up on his experiences too.

And then there is Andy Masters who has committed to the full race this year. I met him when I was adventure racing about four/five years ago. Through the forum, we have re-connected and already swapping anecdotes and theories on how we will tackle this monster event.

So far, most people have hidden their private (She's nuts) thoughts quite well. And so far, I am still feeling great about the decision. In March when the training begins in earnest, I hope to still feel the same way and will be hoping for more universal interference.

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