Thursday, February 12, 2009

Tell One, Tell All

There's no going back now. These are what friends had to say:

You go girl – so proud of you!!!!!!

Mari (environmental specialist)

Sigh. It’s rough not having a day job….

Rob (Leverage Corporation)


Sacha (new to mountain biking)

WOW! That’s quite a challenge!

I’ll definitely be following your journey – good luck!

Amy (Bicycling Magazine)

Good luck Fiona !!!! Like a friend of mine said: "When you go down, go down in style!"

Troye (Panorama Tour finisher)

You are crazy!

Wiehann (sometime very good triathlete)

Welcome to the club :-) You won't regret it.

Andre (single speed fanatic)

You go girl!!!! I admire your gutspha!!!! I will follow your blog & 'dream of Africa!'
BUT I seriously recommend you contact this man (training coach) & get it right ... don't compromise! - it will be well worth it!
Mark “of Arabia” (brother in law in Abu Dhabi)


The fringe virus has spread. Only way, maybe, for me to get a cure is to go complete the unfinished business. Maybe we see each other in passing?! –which should not be in opposite directions, as that would mean at least one of us has stuffed up on navigation!

I’ve asked for a 13th June start, -but will have to see if they accede to that. That way, IF I get my navigation right, I won’t be running into lost souls every few days. But, of course, that is simply idle thought, -while reality has a way of precipitating a serious wobbly!

We can have fun talking big to the others at Panorama Tour, -to cover up the apprehension and cause some false envy!

Grev (specialist time keeper for sports events)

Lucky bugger! - Andrew (Ride Magazine)

Nice one Fi

Thanks for including me in your mail out. It will be nice to be a part of it. I applaud you on the time devoted to your last blog and indeed what you will do as the year goes on. I think it shows a certain strength in oneself to do something like that. I wish I would get some inspiration to write as it would be nice to look back on when the memory starts to fail. I started on something for the Freedom but my attentions soon get diverted.

If I can help in some small way to make it happen for you I will. Even if it’s putting the world to rights and getting the head back in the right place. You probably have loads of people for that but I make the offer anyway.

Stu (a finisher in 2008 and lives on the Isle of Man)

You are wonderful! Yes, I really mean it. When you are 92 (I'll get there first) this will be a wonderful dream. Are you getting sponsorship for a charity or anything?

Wishing you the very best of luck (if you need it)

David (uncle in UK)

Go Fiona! You will have a blast... you're stepping out of your personal space, go for it! We love it!

Deon Braun (Go Multi Magazine)

Eish – it’s a long way !

Alan (scottish roadie turned mtber who hates mud)

You go girl!

I thought it was a madcap friend of yours – not you!!


Vivette (aspirant runner)

Nuts. I had to read this twice, Thought you were going to undertake this feat when you turn 92. Some would say that you should have little Fiona’s then you would not have time for these ventures.

I say go for it girl. Will watch with awe.

Kevin (long term paddling and esoteric friend)

Your combined bravery with just a touch of lunacy has my admiration, especially as you know what lies ahead after doing Rhodes. I look forward to following you on Google Earth the full distance this time.

PS: It’s a mind thing and I know you’re tough enough to go all the way. This will be an experience that you will never forget.

Lance (CEO of York Timbers – brilliant sponsor of the Sabie Experience)

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  1. You will boss this - I know you will. Much respect and only good wishes.