Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tough Luck

I am so disappointed for Jill Homer who started her epic Iditarod mountain bike adventure on Sunday. She had to pull out with frostbite on her toes with barely a day under her belt.

All that time, preparation and effort shelved without even breaking a sweat. I can only imagine how gutted she must be.

And for her legion of fans and followers, they all share in her disappointment too. Which makes me think how risky it can be to share big dreams and drag everyone with you on the training trail.

I thought it was a wonderful thing to tell my friends and family how I was chugging along but now, I also see how my not finishing will sadden them too.

I, like Jill, don't even contemplate failure but this blog entry gave me pause to think - what if? Having poured 6 months worth of emotion and effort into one big adventure, how will I cope if it is taken away. Or worse still, I don't even make the start line.

Its all about balance - balancing expectations, commitment and responsibilities. Its about remembering that there is life outside training and day dreaming. It's about having goals post the Freedom Challenge to prevent the "blues" and the sense of anti-climax.

And I am sure that after the first moments of bitter dejection, Jill will bounce back and continue to inspire Up in Alaska.

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