Sunday, March 15, 2009

A great couple of weeks

What a great two weeks of riding. March was the deadline to get going and so I have. Last week I managed over 13 hours and this week is over 14 hours. All good base miles including a brilliant 70km plus mtb ride this weekend.

If I can continue this base mileage, I am more than on track for the race. Most of the miles have been done on the road bike with another aspirant RASA rider, Steve. He has enough free time to do 70 -80km rides in the week which are a bonus. All the office bound workers don't have that luxury and I am more than grateful to have a committed riding partner for these sessions.

My call for ice cream containers has been met with a lot of enthusiasm and commitment from friends so I should get my 26 containers soon.

The rehab on the calves is going well and I hope to start running in a weeks time. But this time, I will be ultra strict on starting off slowly and increasing the mileage very gradually. It will be tough as my lungs will hardly be tested before having to stop but it will be worth it.

And finally, I decided on the saddle for the race and collected it from Summit Cycles this week. I tested it on the long ride on Saturday and whilst I can't quite make a call yet, it is infinitely more comfortable than my previous one. I chose a Specialised Ariel with all the right geometry.... I hope.

So all in all, a great start to the 100 day countdown.

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