Wednesday, March 18, 2009

2008 Toyota Freedom Challenge on TV

This just in from the race office. It will give you an idea of my undertaking but bear in mind, they were trying to race it, while I will be trying to finish it!

Following on from the incredible success of the 2008 Toyota Freedom Challenge a two part documentary of the event will be aired on Supersport over the next two weeks.

Each part of the documentary is one hour long so get out your coffee, kick back and join the riders on a tour of the incredible countryside through which the race progresses whilst enjoying a unique insight into some of the hardships that the riders have to endure.

Here are the broadcast times of Part 1:

Monday 23 March
Supersport Channel 6 20h30 (Premier)

Tuesday 24 March
CSN, SS2 & SS2A 02h00 (repeat)
SS6 10h30 (repeat)

Wednesday 25 March
SS2 & SS2A 08h30 (repeat)
CSN, SS2 & SS2A 16h00 (repeat)

Thursday 26 March
SS6 19h00 (repeat)

Friday 27 March
SS7 & SS7A 15h30 (repeat)

Saturday 28 March
SS2 & SS2A 10h30 (repeat)

Sunday 29 March
SS2 & SS2A 09h00 (repeat)

Enjoy it.

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