Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A big sacrifice required

Now I am going to ask you to dig deep and sacrifice. I am going to ask you to to help me out in a way that you will be remembered on my journey.

I am going to ask you to force yourself to eat at least one 2 litre container of ice cream. And if you are going to do this, make it a decent ice cream. Like Gino Ginelli Choc Chip.

And if you are feeling particularly giving, you can eat another container as I need about 26. Then, when you have finished it, write a message with your name in it so I will be reminded of your efforts and will be encouraged not to fail at mine.

These containers will be our life lines and emotional and physical sustenance. We pack them with everything we think we will need at that point (and hope there is enough space) and send them off to be delivered in the week before we race.

Anecdotal evidence of what riders will add to their little boxes run to any or all of the following:
biltong, shampoo, bum creme, bars, nuts, chocolate, socks, butter, salad dressing(?), condensed milk, tea, batteries and other extravagances.

I have some ideas of what to pack but its all a gamble because you have no idea of what you will feel like and what meal you will be served at the support station. But peak nutrition concepts won't play much of a role, I reckon. Its going to be about what tastes nice and what will get me going the next day. The upside is that each container will be a surprise as I will have forgotten what went into them.

I also plan a few comforts like body lotion and face cream as I don't plan on finishing looking like a dried prune from the cold. Its a girl thing.

So whatever your flavour, dig in and enjoy - its all for a good cause.

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