Thursday, April 16, 2009

"Waddilovisms" are Catching

We'll head out on the same route as last week (now we know where the first path is) and when we get to the big gate, we will head to the right instead of the left. Wind our way to Harties Dam, head back to the Bridal Trail and return through the veggie farm and saddle again.

Does that not sound as if it was written for the Freedom Challenge narrative? For those who have some experience, it is very reminiscent of some of our instructions. And now I am falling into the same mode. SFY.

(sorry for you)

Those who were there last week may know exactly what I am talking about but it will be a mystery to the others. And this is just what to expect when you undertake this venture (R2R or RASA) for the first time.

There are increasing calls for this year's maps and narrative on the forum but really, it doesn't make the slightest bit of sense until you are there, interpreting the unique sayings and indicators in real time.

Ask the crowd from last week.

What I now realise, from having dabbled in waddilovisms quite unintentionally, is that it makes me really powerful. Oh yeah. I'm the only one who knows where we are going and where we might end up (I say might but actually I really do know). Everyone has to be super nice to me and buy me Magnum ice creams at the stop. They also have to ride at my pace or pretend to be unable to keep up so I don't get offended.

Head off in the wrong direction and you might get the sms saying "head south and meet us at the chicken pie". Actually, that did happen - poor Steve.

The thing is, precision is not the name of the game when it comes to the Freedom Challenge instructions. The trick is to interpret them accurately and hopefully get the knack before you run out of road.

So I am helping everyone here, really I am.

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  1. Fi

    Can I put a couple of Magnimums in your 2 litre boxes?

    I find if your instructions lead us to food we will find you eventually, i.e. Chicken Pie or Shebeen!!