Monday, April 20, 2009

The FC Quiz

Despite a slower week, we had a ball on the weekend which brought the hours ridden this week to roughly 14 which wasn't bad considering how tired I had felt. Those hours were mostly crammed in over the weekend.

Saturday turned out pretty perfect with a new route opened up linking two of my favourite rides. On the way, we saw warthog, and duiker and the vegetable farmer. We rode through a narrow gorge which was so reminiscent of the Kruger Park that we expected to see more than just the little buck.

The rides we have done lately test more than fitness. After this weekend, we realised that they are also the best preparation for meeting adversity head on. Whilst not doing mega distances, they are tough physically and mentally. It was almost a case of last man standing but with stretched senses of humour, we got to the end, tired but satisfied that we had persevered.

So in that light, I started collecting quiz questions with multiple answer options. How about adding yours? I bet we could put together a whole training bible on the scenarios faced at one or other time.

Here are mine so far (all based on true life).

What do you do when faced with the following scenarios:
  • The group disappears round a corner and you cant find them? Do you a) wait where you last saw them knowing they will come back or b) turn around and go back to the car and refuse directions or c) test your tracking skills and follow the tire tracks?
  • Your tire slashes on a gnarly rock - do you a) plug it and keep pumping, b) replace with a tube or c) grin and bear it and take the tar road home to prevent further drama?
  • Your saddle breaks one post. Do you a) hitch a ride home, b) see as a test of your ingenuity or c) strap a tube around it and suffer the merciless teasing and nicknames for your discomfort.
  • Your chain suddenly starts grinding against the front derailleur. Do you fiddle with it initially and straighten what appears bent. b) leave it cos it isn't your bike or c) service the bike at the coffee stop?
  • or the most famous one of plod up endless valleys with your bike on your back and you receive a note from the race director saying "You are in the wrong valley, go back". Do you a) obey his instructions cos he is all powerful, B) laugh because you realised this several valleys ago, c) plug on because you have the correct route in sight or d) lose your sense of humour completely.
So what are your quiz questions?

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  1. When riding the FC you roll out onto a flat, smooth dirt road. Do you:
    a) Become all excited and ride down the road as fast as possible
    b) take 5 minutes to become accustomed to this rare sight
    c)Reach for your maps because you are clearly off route