Thursday, April 9, 2009

Initial Start Groups are up

So the start groups are confirmed with some minor haggling going on. Its great to see the two single speeders in my group - Steve (R2R) and Andre (RASA). I know I am going to be humiliated on many climbs by these two.

I've met Chris briefly on a ride in Tokai so that hardly counts as "knowing" someone but 6 days will change that status.

And the Long Bike - the tandem - is also in the group. I suspect this was arranged because Doug and I were trained to help them over fences last weekend. I don't think so!

And of course, my good friend Doug is there to keep me bolstered when I need it and I hope to return the favour if required as well.

The rest of the group is new and of the 13, eight of us are going the whole way.

But keep your eyes on the first batch which has 5 extreme athletes doing the triathlon - a 2 day trail run to Pmb, RASA followed by a 2 day canoeing event on the Berg River - now that's cuckoo.

And of course, Tim James starts in the last batch because he will just keep passing all of us on his way to the finish.

The race is starting to feel very real now.

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