Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Reward offered

She's at it again. Woke up this morning spritely and frankly, a damn nuisance. I hate negative Nellie and need someone to take care of her - preferably permanently.

Any offers?

It didn't help that we started incorrectly from Allandale Farm and wasted a lot of our early start with mud, mielies and general mayhem. But eventually we got out of there for a virtually trouble free ride to Centacow.

There must be something about Dave and Dawn, our guardians, that shuts her up.

We started the next section in good spirits and the company was as good humoured as yesterday. The real slog began with incredibly steep uphills that only the uber athletes of the trail can ride. So we pushed, swopped stories, waded rivers until we met up with Dave and Dawn for the second time.

We were quite a group by now - nine had bunched together. It was a group effort to conquer the next 6 or so kms which were virtually unrideable for tired cyclists.

We reached the fence of Nshikeni at 16.00 well pleased with our days efforts. Now it was a mere 11km to May Lodge. On the way we saw secretary birds, wildebees and a pair of buck. We were also privileged to see an enormous moon rise - the same one we had seen set first thing this morning. And now I also have seen part of the eclipse and a shooting star. Lucky indeed.

The thick soup followed by a hot shower was just what I needed but it was only after dinner that I felt human again.

Tomorrow we start at a more sane hour and explore a new route out of Nshikeni. I hope its an easier day cos I've really suffered.

Maybe next time I'll show more respect for the race!

103km. 2445m ascent 12 hours
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