Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Clearing the head space

I should have known better. What was I doing outside the Pietermaritzburg Town Hall at 6 this morning.

Heading for a stunning farm 110km away. The only problem was....well one of the many problems were the lack of sport specific training. Running, hiking and spinning don't really prepare one for the rigours of Ride 2 Rhodes. Muscle memory also doesn't cut it.

I really had to battle the little but insistent negative Nellie inside my head, at least up to the lunch stop at Minerva. Yummy soup, a million slices of bread and an exquisite downhill gave me some breathing space and I managed to get rid of the horrible person between my ears.

I guess what really did it was the great company. Gadget, Andries and Pawel were all going to Rhodes and we made a great group. Then along the way we picked up Paul going all the to Cape Town and we did the Umko Thrash, the Hella Hella hell climb to be rewarded with Dawn's damn fine banana bread.

Coke and banana bread make a great energy mix for the last 15k sprint. Finally we got to Allandale a shade under 11 hours later.

If you have a snide comment about the time over distance, I dare you, no, I double dare you!

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