Thursday, June 16, 2011

Day three cont.

The problem with being so wiped out is that one presses send before ready.

As I was saying before interrupting myself. It been a bruising day. Constant headwind pounding at us wearing out the granny gears and feet. We walked more and rode slower. And this was a day we hoped to have an easy passage.

But spare a thought for a pair who left support station 1 (SS1) at 17.00 and got lost in the forests ending up finishing behind us at SS2. They then opt to leave at midnight to get a jump and try and do a double.

By lunch they are only 1,5 hours ahead and by SS3 they finished behind us again. A massive net loss of time and waste of energy. Dunno what stunt they'll pull tomorrow!

96km and another 12 hours. The latest I have ever got to this SS.

Late start tomorrow. Joy!
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