Friday, July 31, 2009

Move Over Paris Hilton

She has no idea of the Simple Life. The 3 weeks of the trail brought home how much clutter we have in our lives, not just stuff, but noise, traffic, people, information bombardment. An endless list of things that crowd our existence.

Before I forget, I want to list the simple, pleasurable aspects of the trail.

Clean air - living in a city causes us to forget that the very air we breathe is polluted beyond measure and that daily, we are processing gunge in our systems. I was able to purge my lungs in crisp, cold, sometimes moist air and I imagined my blood running rich red rather than with tinges of blue from CO2.

Space - I could see forever. There were views of mountains, plains, sea, scrub lands, rivers, everywhere there was room to feel free. City living is crowded and claustrophobic. People simply don't have space living in complexes, driving in traffic and rushing through malls. My personal opinion is that road rage is the result of cramped living. We lash out because our personal space is invaded by selfish, self absorbed city dwellers.

Rhythm - we moved to our own music. Time wasn't relevant other than 26 days to achieve our goal. We rode, walked, ate, slept as we felt. We escaped the treadmill that is our usual life and got in touch with our inner orchestra.

Taking back control - we were completely in control of our own lives. No bosses, family, businesses pushing and shoving and competing for attention. No one told us what we had to do or suffer consequences. We made our own decisions and lived by them. There were no expectations so no disappointment.

Soul time - there was no obligation to be with people or to ride with them. We chose how we wanted to ride without falling into trap of safety in numbers or group demands and dynamics. Riding alone was a privilege that one doesn't get in the cities. Relying totally on our own abilities, strengths, temperament under all conditions left us stripped bare of pretensions.

No clutter - no choices. Just one change of cycling kit kept us free. Possessions do not make us happy, they complicate things. When I compare R2R and the variety of clothing I had to RASA and the lack of choice, I was way happier with less. I remember flying down a hill feeling exuberant because everything I needed was on my back and I could ride forever if I wanted to.

So Paris Hilton...get a real life.


  1. Lovely writing Fi. Oh, is Paris Hilton any relative of Paris Texas and Parys OFS?

  2. Could not agree more. Why do we find it so difficult to choose "real" living?
    Some deep stuff !!

  3. Must be why I feel so restless at the moment. I wonder if any other riders feel the same or if slotting back just takes over.

  4. You've moved on and will no longer just "slot in".