Friday, July 3, 2009

Flat is hard

I always sound as if I am complaining non stop. There are sublime moments throughout each day but they are so long, what you did 10k ago seems eons back.
When you finish yet another day you are only too grateful to be off your saddle and somewhere light and warm.
I find as we ride into the dusk and then darkness, that I yearn to be inside a home. As we pass shacks or houses that have light and people, I feel like a homeless person must feel - on the outside looking in.
I also envy cars as they whizz past so effortlessly. I will never take my motorised transport for granted again...nor showers, nor clean clothes or soft seats.
Tonight we are very comfortable in the Montagu Country Hotel. We each have our own rooms which is great. We need some privacy after a 13 hour day in each others company.
The weather today was perfect. We headed off just after 6 and made our way into most incredibly remote part of the world. Impossible to do justice too. On the way we had coffee with Mev Fourie who has lived on her farm for over 50 years.
This lady can chat and we dragged ourselves away. I got a little irritable over the next 7 kms which took an hour cos of the soft sand. But then the track opened up and we could ride freely again.
The area is looking so green and lush with the recent rains.
We arrived at Anysberg Reserve at 13.30 and wolfed down a huge portion of chicken stew. Thanks Meisie. Half an hour later we were on our way but not before hearing that there was an accommodation problem for the group following us. The race office must have been scrambling!
The next 37km went fairly quickly with a good tailwind for us. Talk about great weather conditions! We hit Ouberg Pass just as the light was fading. I promised Doug a 30km downhill and so it was. Relief for the bum and legs.
We arrived in Montagu at 7pm and felt like larnies in the dining room despite our odd outfits. The staff have been awesome and now it is time for well earned sleep.
Tomorrow we hope to make Trouthaven. The final SS.
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  1. well done, girl! wishing you a soft warm bed and clean white linen - and a tailwind tomorrow :)