Sunday, July 5, 2009


We're here. Its been a long three weeks and today was one of the longest.

It took in the Stettyns Kloof portage which took us about 9 hours. Hugely tough and physical but more on that another day.

For now I just want to sleep and not have to pack my backpack. I want to wake up when I wake up and I want to just look at my sturdy bike but not ride it.

Thank you every one who has shown constant support over this long period.

Doug was amazing as a ride buddy and he has been delivered safely to his wife Aileen.

Jean my sister was here to welcome me home as was David Waddilove, race director.

I am the proud wearer of a blanket - the prize we all get for finishing and its draped over my bed.

I will update all of you on my thoughts as I process this adventure.

But now, to sleep the sleep of the satiated.

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  1. You are a champ and such an inspiration!
    Enjoy your rest and recovery!

  2. Hey we are proud of you! Well done and hope you enjoy some well deserved rest.

    Ben and Byron