Wednesday, May 27, 2009

FIFO Principle anyone?

One of the famous sights along the trail is the aptly named the Village Headman of Prince Albert - Johann. He has also done some slightly kooky rides in his time such as a single speed, single person ride from Sishen to Saldanha.

But, more to the point, he has been known to pop up at all hours of the night when it is bitterly cold with welcome coffee and rusks for the weary RASA riders.

As organiser of the first ever Dikwiel Kommando Ride into Die Hel under the Full Moon (read all about it here), there is a second one planned. Those of us present at the inaugural one, have an invitation for life - not so?

But now it is under the auspices of the FIFO principle. So check out his blog and if you can, add to the wacky ideas that seem to come with territory of living in Prince Albert or being associated with Freedom Trail riders.

Fit in right over here

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  1. I know it's uncool to edit other people's blogs...but it's "an obligation for life";) See you in the veld around the 28th.