Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Board Blows The Budget

Its not only about the camaraderie on the bike. Its also the friendships that are forming as we prepare for this huge undertaking.

So a self appointed Board of Riders met in Fourways to discuss the next month of preparation with the only item on the agenda being a joint order to an internet cycling shop.

That's when the fiscal discipline went out the window. It became an orgy of ordering. As fast as I took things off my wish list, Derek, Steve and Doug added items. Items such as candle power, hubs, cones, caps, BBs, cassettes were discussed, dissected, compared, surfed.

I thought I was reasonable technically savvy but was eventually forced to phone a friend (Shaun the bike mechanic) to cut through the fug of jargon.

Not on the list but going for the ride were digital pressure gauges, monoculars (instead of bi), kickass 1000 lumen lights, two different saddles and a few boring chains to list just a few items.

In fact, we started a whole new trend. Women may have their book club, but we....we have Bike Club. And the Bike Club is going to meet tonight to see whose light is brightest.

(Sigh) Boys and their Toys.

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