Thursday, May 28, 2009

26 x 2lt boxes heaped on the floor, 26 x 2lt boxes heaped..

And if one 2lt box gets emptied at Allendale, there'll be 25 x 2lt boxes heaped on the floor. (To the tune of 10 green bottles)

Kay, the boxes are packed and ready to go (That could be set to the tune of Daniel). And what a weird and wonderful mix of stuff to eat. I will never remember what food I put in the boxes so it will be a daily surprise and treat to look forward to.

Most of all, I am looking forward to the notes written by Wendy D, Cheyene, the Alexanders and Jean which have been tucked carefully into a corner of each box. Monica Childs -who makes the best goodie bags for races - donated a whole lot of stuff to me such as body lotion sachets and tissue packs which will absolutely add to my well being. Also, thanks to Gary for the extra boxes to top my needs.

Gadget was horrified at the contents of my boxes. For some reason, he seems to think this race is about deprivation. Well, that's what the race director wants but I am planning counter measures. Anyone who has ridden with me, knows that coffee shops, breakfasts and snacks are an integral part of riding so why should this be any different?

So in no particular order, here is the mix of contents:
  • salty crackers
  • cheese blocks
  • smoked oysters (yes really!)
  • tuna sachets & spoons (thanks for the hint Di)
  • crisps
  • pretzels
  • fruit juice & Milo drinks
  • mini Bar Ones
  • tuc biscuits
  • romany cream balls
  • chewy super c's
  • vitamin packs
  • shampoo and conditioner sachets
  • body lotion sachets
  • a few earbuds
  • chocolate covered peanuts
  • mini eggs
  • mini chocolate slabs
  • Nescafe White Chocolate sachets
  • Hot chocolate sachets
  • Cranberries
  • cashew nuts
  • Goji Berry sachets
  • Biotone tonic
  • Bicarb sachets and Miltons tablets (for sterilizing kit)
  • Jungle bars (dark and milk chocolate)
  • Mini bar bottles of Jack Daniels
  • cable ties
  • Hair elastic (gotta try and look tidy)
  • tissues
  • notes from family and friends
Then dotted among the boxes are bum lube, bike lube (not to be confused), hand and toe warmers, spare socks, a spare chain, maps (best make sure they are in the right box) and a few odds and sods.

They have to be packed quite carefully to make sure everything fits in. I would hate to leave anything out but whether I will get to eat it all, not sure.

Ah, life's little luxuries in an ice cream box!

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