Sunday, September 28, 2014

Vuvu again (day 5)

The sun continued to bake down when we left Ongeluksnek heading for the magnificent Black Fountain.
It has to be the most spectacular riding in the country.
The now rebounding fork made me a little blasé over the technical bits but what joy to ride them comfortably. The old saddle also changed the pressure points and made the riding way more comfortable too
We recorded an incredible 43 degrees at one point and not a lot of shade to shelter under.
The valley was dry and we opted for the high path. Our ride guide Glenn then took us a very direct and steep portage out. 
By then we were all short of energy and were ready to get to Vuvu. We "raced" to get in under 10 hours and made it with 2mins to spare.
10 hours to do 62 odd kms may not sound a lot but the terrain is brutal and the heat debilitating.
A bucket bath followed by a tasty meal made us semi human
Then the local families walked us to their homes where they cleared out of their own bedrooms to host us.
The weather for the next day was looking dicey so an early start was on the cards. Alarms were set for 4am.

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