Wednesday, September 24, 2014

A good night's sleep (Day 3)

After our 2400m of climbing yesterday, an early night was on the cards. This morning we left at 5.30 in cooler weather and it was beautiful out on the plains scattering wildebeest before us.
Someone had cut a new track bypassing slow cattle track and the riding was easier and really pretty. Luckily Doug had told us to follow the road over the climb which dropped us at our destination - a red scar up which we had to portage.
After a shortish soup stop at Glen Edward, we had to gird out loins for some long district roads. They were hard on body and soul but we met an interesting character - Steve Black - when he pulled up next to us for a chat. He sounds like a real adventurer.
The next memorable moment was the spaza shop for anything we could shovel in. Coke, chips and apples in any order. The deep fatigue lifted for a whole and we made good time to the next village.
Coming up the road in colourful traditional dress were singing and dancing locals and it was festive all round and a special moment.
Now we are at Masakala eating vetkoek and drinking tea.
Tomorrow is a shorter day....

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