Thursday, February 25, 2010

Quo Vadis mountain biking?

For 6 years, the mountain bike industry in this country has thrived. Participation has exploded and the standards of riding have improved substantially.
But now I ask, where to next. We have seen a plethora of events arrive on the calendar. There are no weekends without several events to choose from. Multi day racing has taken off, appealing to the long distance freaks that make up South African athletes.
But when is it enough or too much? Have we had enough of a good thing. I wonder whether the rest of the world has the intensity and breadth of choice we have locally. As a race organiser ( and, I find myself wondering what is the next big thing.
Having personally experienced touring and loved it, I don't want to let my bias colour my thinking. So I am asking you.
Answer on this blog or go to the online survey I created : Plan your future riding here
All in all, the responses should be fascinating. Oh, and send the link to all your riding friends too.


  1. Joberg2c might open it all up.
    we could see more , chill type events/ more fun, less race race.

    the schmepic backlash could start, did i hear it's R29k for 2011? I know a team who picked up a late ticket for R9k all in on thursday. that's what it's worth to me.

    as for touring. it could work. we had an awesome time for under a grand in december. your plett to ct is the vibe i'd like to see more of.

    oh and Fc could go huge.

  2. Hey Steve
    I have planned some touring options based on the rider feedback and yes, I think more chilled riding is key. Not necessarily big distances but less pressure to make cutoffs etc.