Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Ok, I'm a day late

Gosh, its nearly Wednesday and I'm way behind in gathering my thoughts for this week.

I've been reading some really good stuff this week. Through Josh (The Worlds Strongest Librarian), I discovered another blog called Storyfix. As you may have read in previus posts, I have tried my hand at writing and this blog falls into that genre.

But what is really grabbing my attention, is Larry's deconstructing of the story of Avatar. You have seen it, haven't you? Even I, a once a year movie goer, have seen it. Now you might not find this interesting, but for me its given me more insight into the complexity of the movie and how its success is a large part of getting the story right.

There are a number of brilliant blogs out there and no doubt, I'll be sharing much of their wisdom with you. Your ideas are wanted too. I would hate to miss out.

(The Crazy Switch has flipped and I am, all of a sardine, fully back into the training mode. A 100km cycle and a 16km run - amongst other sessions - in the space of couple of days. Take that, my mojo!)

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