Thursday, August 13, 2009

Where to Now?

The more I chat to other riders of the Freedom Challenge, the more I realise the profound impact the event has had on all of us.

Three weeks of testing ourselves against mental and physical odds has fundamentally shifted perceptions of ourselves and our environment.

Many of us are restless. I am. Others hanker for change from their daily grind and are actively searching for new challenges that will stimulate and satisfy. I am too.

I have found that sharing the experience on different levels has been cathartic and has helped me to understand the magnitude of what we all achieved. We were gifted with the chance to spend 20 odd days in pursuit of our real self. Where we were face to face with weakness and strength and no one to judge us except ourselves.

I am still able to endlessly discuss facets of the race and in doing so, remind myself of the trials and tribulations of the time out there. These chats help me with my perspective and I get a great deal of pleasure in sharing the others' experiences too.

That I can still write about it a month or so later, also shows the depth of the enjoyment and the impact the race had on my psyche. These articles help me revisit the positive mood and space I was in when I finished. So I resist with all my might the vortex of city life and the mundane.

So where to? I am hoping my new energies will bring new ideas and new directions.


  1. it takes well more than a year to fully digest a freedom challenge.

    good thing it's held annually.

    i know i sure have some big ideas, too many to even implement. good thing some guys like ben follow their ideas, enjoy the read if it's new to you:


    enjoy it if it's for the second time

  2. Hey - thanks for the link. I am keen to tour more whether it is local or overseas. Am also following Kevin Davies' development of The Spine which is a route from Polokwane to link up with FC.
    Gonna enjoy reading these stories.