Friday, August 7, 2009

Fit, fat and flourishing...

...according to my fitness assessment this morning. Say what? I am still thinner than when I started RASA so was I obese before?

I joined Vitality earlier this year in order to shamelessly exploit the special deals and especially the Pick n Pay savings. I am a bit snooty about all these fitness tests and questionnaires but hey, if I get to fly cheaper on Kulula, I'll subject myself to them.

So lets look at this thing in depth.

Training for the step test

Non-smoker, never smoked, never intend to gives me Excellent. This must be the equivalent of a gold star. Blood pressure is also a gold star. But the mere fact that I have a couple of glasses of wine a week is not good, only a silver star. And here I was thinking that antioxidants are good for you. Tut tut.

My golly gosh, my nutrition rates even lower. Must be because I admitted to eating crisps when watching rugby never mind all the other healthy choices. Oh, I got it. Someone spied on me during the race and saw that I ate everything that was placed in front of me and then some. More likely, its the fact that I am still enjoying chocolate too much.

Unsurprisingly, my physical activity was almost full house. Not quite excellent but better than good. Pity they didn't have a box where you could check higher than 2 hours at a time. But hey, my Maximal Functional Capacity (???) was 52.8 and excellent was only 36.4. This was possibly because I could only get my heart rate to 63% of max on the step test. Eish!

I was disappointed that I only scored Good on my crunches. Oh well, only doing them once every couple of weeks will have that effect. Imagine if I did more. Like my push ups. Carrying my bike up mountains helped me score Excellent!

But now here's the kicker. BMI (Body Mass Index) is normal. My oh so tiny waist is well below the norm but the Body Fat, no, no, no. Even the words make you cringe. Body. Fat.

It is 0.1 over the top end of the scale. It would seem that I need to immediately go and ride RASA again in another vain attempt to become waif like. Either that or all my muscles are actually hardened fat masquerading and fast and slow twitch fibres.

So look, what I will do now is (no, not slit my wrists in dismay) is have another piece of chocolate, tear the test sheets up and gleefully take the extra 7 500 points.

Trying to make a fat face

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  1. You gorgeous beast! Just keep on masquerading as yourself.