Sunday, April 5, 2015

Back Tracking

Unsupported is a bit of a misleading title. The race is semi-supported with a chain of support stations along the route where you are guaranteed a meal, a shower and a bed and a whole lot of love. You are also entitled to send a 2 litre box ahead with extra snacks and other items you may need. eg batteries

The unsupported bit is the where you carry all your own personal requirements - clothes, spares, gizmos. This can end up being rather heavy if you are not absolutely ruthless in what the bare minimum requirement should be.

March is wet, possibly cold, possibly baking hot. It is the Karoo after all.

I had turned the clothing issue over and over in my mind and went for bare minimum. Experience showed that so long as you were moving, you would be warm. As I only planned to double up on the last day, I shouldn't have a problem with extra warmth.

My North Face pack - a relic from 2009 RASA - was hauled out and it was like welcoming an old friend. Next came all the water proof bags and the basic items of clothing, spares and chargers that I thought I would need.

The bag with snacks but no water eventually weighed in at 4 kilograms. Not bad. It would be interesting to see how everyone else had packed as all the riders had to have done a Freedom Challenge event - either RASA or Race/Ride2Rhodes.

My backpack was ready a week before the event. My bike was serviced, new tires put on and I was ready. I was also nervous.

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