Saturday, October 13, 2012

Rookie Rider 202 continued

So where were we?
Ah yes - the rest day.

  • Choose alternative mode of transport - push push - and get lifted to the local market to find another pair of pants that won't chafe.
  • Pay R49 for a soft pair of jeans
  • Get assistance from two young students who want to practice their english
  • Load up bikes and head out to Ambositra 91km away
  • Ride into pumping headwind and 30 degree heat.
  • Try not to get head ripped off shoulders by cross winds (where is my lightweight cycing helmet)
  • Stop at roadside cafe for coke and pineapple slices along with dozens of taxis - a real roadside market with deep fried foods, pub, cafe but no shade
  • Shift regularly in seat trying to compensate for large backpack.
  • Get used to switchbacks on tar and practice gearing down and up for bends
  • Arrive in Ambositra and scoff some lunch (Recommend vanilla crepe)
  • Discover the town has no wireless so walkuphill  to internet cafe - Espace Tuky
  • Catch push push home again but 150kg of two humans makes for interesting downhils with bare feet as brakes
  • Feel bad at how much the guy sweated and huffed to get us along the flat
Dinner and prepare for dirt tomorrow.


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