Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Then came a beautiful recovery day

We left Crystal Springs at the civilised time of 7:15 to get to the gate of a private game farm of over 2000 hectares. We had arranged to meet the owner John, at a specific time to make the 4km crossing.

Once in the farm, we saw herds of buck, wildebees and the odd ostrich galloping across the plains as they caught a whiff of these over active cyclists.

The scenery was spectacular with wide open plains that were green and gold.  Hidden valleys masked waterfalls and other game. The change from yesterday was so specific, we could have been worlds apart.

Crossing out the other side, we climbed to a high pass overlooking valleys to the south and north.Tthe best of all was the pumping tail wind that pushed us up the climbs.  I don't remember having this help before and it was good.  So good because my legs were burning - not enough recovery routine the day before.  Not so good for the forestry people in the region as they were on high alert for fires.

We had lunch near the top and could see for eons. Somehow, food tastes so much better like this.

Many contour paths later and a skinny dip by Doug and Derek at a waterfall, we reached Long Tom Pass.  It was a thrilling but dusty 12km descent to Gunyatoo Lodge. What a gem this place is - filled with character and little nooks and crannies to catch you out. But we found the bar which operated on a tick, and the staff made incredible rolls for the hungry riders.

Our washing is now being taken care of and we are all showered and resting.  It was a really superb day. About 62km in all but over some of the most magnificent countryside.

(Gunyatoo is worth a whole 'nother blog posting.)

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