Friday, April 30, 2010

Moving on already

Its pretty awesome to create an event that has everyone smiling and enthusiastic about their ride. But it burns the proverbial rear end not be able to ride it myself.

There is no question about participating - simply too many responsbilities to swan off on my bike with the other riders. Besides, I do get to talk to them from the comfort of my car or from the roadside. And if the weather is freezing like it was last weekend, well, I'm just warm and toasty.

The MTN Panorama Tour is the only road tour for amateur riders. They ride in teams of two and for many, it is the first time that they experience this level of cameraderie. There is something about being out of sight of any other team but still having someone there with you which makes the long kms bearable.

Mountainbikers are well used to this concept and are now getting a bit blase. And the challenge for us race organisers, is to continually innovate. But for now, it is great to see exhausted but elated faces crossing over the finish line after the hard 24km Time Trial that brings the MTN Panorama Tour to a close.

And then there is the teamwork. Not only amongst the riders but the crew - most of whom have worked on the race many times over its five year history.  Each person just gets on and does what has to be done and if someone needs help, its always there. I sometimes feel at a loose end as everything is just taken care of but I wouldn't have it any other way. I've had the panic and the adrenalin rushes that come with crises and I can do without it.

So now as we wrap up one event, I am looking forward to getting stuck into the planning of some of our new innovations. I received two brilliant books from IMBA (International Mountain Biking Association) and in two weeks, I hit the road to one of the new venues.

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