Monday, September 14, 2009

How can I be envious

But I am.  Kevin Davie, journo, Freedom Challenge finisher, is riding another adventure as I write.

For the last year or so, he has doggedly ridden and mapped a mountain bike route from Polokwane in the north all the way to KZN to link up with the Freedom Challenge trail.  And now he is riding his route non stop. 

He started in the picturesque village of Haenertsburg, just outside Tzaneen and plans to finish in Dordrecht in the Eastern Cape.  I had to look that up on the map! So in fact, he overlaps most of the first 6 days of the Freedom Challenge heading further south than Rhodes (also the finish of the Ride2Rhodes).

He left on Saturday 12th September and he expects the journey to be about 1500km.  He has taken two days to get to Orighstad (about 193km) with a sleep out in a village and an encounter with giraffe.

So why am I envious?  I've hardly ridden at all lately.  Because I know the joy of just riding for days on end without time constraints, with just pure adventure in mind.

I may just have to meet up with him somewhere on the route for a day or two!

Follow him on Twitter @spinerun

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